Saturday, August 8, 2009


Podcasts & Videocasts - OH, MY!!

Friday, August 7, 2009


I DID IT! AND! I'm glad that I did. I truly consider this quite an accomplishment for the summer. I was introduced to a number of apps, tricks, and techniques for Web 2.0 of which I knew nothing in June. I don't really feel proficient in very many of the THINGS but I'm not worried about that. I've taken good notes & have my blog to which I can refer if I need help in a task. I do believe that many of the THINGS are easily applicable to education and library skills.

1) LibraryThing & RSS
2) Increased the arrows in my quiver. I think I am a LLL and my example is that I decided to become a school librarian at age 62.
3) Some of the tasks took longer than I wanted them to but it's user error -- not 23THINGS. For instance, I've created 2 stories for THING21 that I haven't been able to publish because I can't get technical details to work. But -- I'll get the 3rd one published!
4) I think I might like doing 23THINGS during the school year in a group with a schedule of 3THINGS/month in stead of 3THINGS/week. However, the intensity probably helped productivity. I just wish I felt proficient in more THINGS.
5) Yes
6) 23THINGS expanded my knowledge.
7) I'm really not good at looking at other blogs -- but I'm gonna get better!


NING -- and the world of internet community.

I like it and I appreciate the individuals who contribute information. NING is very user-friendly and does seem to be for discriminating souls.One of the NING's at which I looked was on travel and I was able to see more information about Petra. I also looked at some of the ones on education and libraries. Perhaps all social networks do this -- but I really liked having the information about the members available.

Maybe it's just because I'm an old lady -- or maybe because I'm a Type A personality but the amount of time it takes to be a part of a social network intimidates me. But then, I probably don't keep up w/face-to-face friends like I should either. Again, I like finding out information -- but don't immediately think about checking a social network on the computer. Maybe I will now that I have an RSS.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


This is also about THING 20 because I don't want to mess up the posting w/the embedded video. I'm not quite sure how I did it -- but there it is! I like the feature but need to perform the exercise more than once in order to be sure I know what I'm doing.

This exercise did answer my queries and concerns about allowing students full access to things like YouTube. I'm moving on!

Monday, August 3, 2009


This my 2nd time to try to embed a video. I really don't want to write anything here until I'm sure that my video will play.


I know -- I know-- I'm the only person on the planet you hasn't explored YouTube but there you are. I guess I thought I needed to work or eat or READ or something else. I've played with YouTube & searched for Petra again. Found some neat videos and info about that exciting place. I've looked at & even though I don't have anything to publish, I do have some friends who might; I'll tell them about this site. I explored shows on YouTube & found a jillion Paddington videos. And then I played games. I couldn't get on (it wouldn't ever download); I went on Galaxiki -- but I'm not into scifi -- if that's even a genre anymore. Doof was fun: I played a crummy game of Mahjong but was invited to play again so they were nice. Does this cost money? Saw a game called WORDS that I'll go back to.

Interesting website -- and, goodness! so many things to do. But, WHEN AM I SUPPOSED TO READ MY BOOK??? All of this stuff is fun & interesting -- but it is surely cutting into my available reading time.

USEFUL PARTS FOR SCHOOLS & LIBRARIES: I'm not sure because I don't know how to filter these sites. I'm not sure that all of them would be available (thank goodness!) at HISD schools. And I'm not sure I'm ready to let my 5th graders just go look at some of these sites.

What am I missing? I'll read some other blogs & see if other 23THINGERS have had the same reaction I did to this site.


Thank you very much! I've just added to my Desktop & tried out some of the apps. (See -- I said "apps" because I can talk computerese.) which look & act so much like Microsoft Office products that they are a snap to use. I had already used GoogleDocs when I explored "More" and "Even More" under Google. Lots of stuff to make my life easier.